Link Roundup

07 Jan 2010, comments

Here are several items I found truly worthwhile, but none of them are going to elicit a post's worth of commentary from me.

iTunes is one of those pieces of software with which I have a love/hate relationship. I thought maybe I was the only one who cares that its podcast support sucks, but now I know I'm not alone. Paul Kedrosky tapped into my anger when he wrote Appleā€™s iTunes is Mrs. Amel.

On Christmas day Amazon's customers bought more e-books than printed books. Maybe that's not very significant, or maybe it's the beginning of a sea change.

On a related note, Seth Godin succinctly explains that bookstores are dead in It's not the rats you need to worry about.

And while I'm on Seth Godin, he really made me think with Fallback for the 2%, where he makes the point that no matter how clear your UI is, 2% of your users are going to screw up. So you either care enough to give them a way to recover (which can be a lot of work), or you accept that these customers are lost to you, forever (which obviously sucks).

If you are interested in what many observers would like to characterize as a battle between the iPhone and Android, you need to read Android Or IPhone? Wrong Question. It does indeed appear that Android is becoming the Microsoft Windows of the smartphone market. Sigh. How do I feel about my Android phone (I have an HTC Hero)? That's a subject for another post, someday. (It's another case of love/hate.)

Another subject where I could probably go on and on, but won't, is health care reform in the US. Instead, study this chart from National Geographic and this clearer one from And then if you want to be able to laugh about the whole mess, watch this brilliant video: If Air Travel Worked Like Health Care.