One last ride around the Alster

29 Sep 2009, comments

kickbike at the alster

After almost exactly a year, my time in Hamburg is at an end. I'll miss many things here -- pretty good Mexican food, really good Thai food, and the great bunch of Ruby developers at Xing.

This afternoon the weather was great and I decided to take one last ride around the Alster on my kickbike, which you can see above.

When friends see my scooter for the first time, they often look a bit puzzled and ask "Why?". Here are some reasons why I like this better than a bicycle:

  • After a long ride, my muscles are sore, but my joints are fine, nothing is numb, and my butt isn't sore. I have arthritis in my left foot, and for the past couple of years, long walks would result in days of pain. At first I was concerned that propelling myself on the kickbike would also hurt my foot, but on the contrary, it seems to have helped. My theory is that I've strengthened the muscles in my foot by using it this way; all I know for sure is that my foot doesn't hurt any more.
  • It works more of my body: not just my legs, but also the lower back, lower abs, and even the arms a bit.
  • It's simpler, lighter, and cheaper than a comparable bicycle. No pedals, greasy chain, or derailleur to deal with.
  • Because I can readily put my feet on the ground, I feel it's a bit safer when riding in a densely pedestrian urban environment.
  • And it's fun.

On my way home, I stopped at Qrito for one last burrito.