23 Mar 2009, comments

If you want one new show to watch now that Battlestar Galactica has ended, make it NBC's new show, Kings. I haven't been this excited by imaginative television in years. In the US you can catch it on hulu. The ratings weren't good, by the way, so let's all cross our fingers and hope NBC gives this show a chance to breathe.

If you prefer to wait and watch a whole season of something at once, take a look at the first season of Damages, also on hulu. Both Glenn Close and Ted Danson play characters who will stop at nothing to get what they want -- and of course they are in conflict, and can't both win. Ted Danson is driven by greed and ambition; Glenn Close wants to bring justice to those ruined by Ted Danson. She's on the good side of this battle, but she's got more darkness in her than a black hole. And I've left out the appealing main character -- Glenn Close's young associate -- will she succumb and become just as twisted as her mentor?