Rails on XML, Part 6: The software

28 Feb 2009, comments

[Part of the Rails on XML series.]

I am pleased to report that Mirai EspaƱa has agreed to release as free software the code we wrote for using XSLT views in Ruby on Rails applications. I have packaged this software as two separate components: the xml_serialization gem for serializing ruby objects to XML, and the xslt_render rails plugin.

At this point documentation is lacking. However, there isn't that much code and the tests do illustrate how the pieces are intended to be used, so the adventurous might be able to drop this into an app and get it working. I do plan future posts that will explain more of the details, which I'm sure will help. However, I know a few of you are interested in seeing the code now, so I don't want to delay in releasing it.