Comments via disqus

07 Jan 2009, comments

Last night I spent a couple of hours integrating disqus into this site. This is a web service that implements comments. My server is still just serving up static web pages, now with a bit of javascript included. Look at the source for this site if you want to see how it works on this end.

So far I'm really delighted with how this switch to jekyll + disqus has gone. I can't recommend this solution if you're not comfortable with dealing with HTML, CSS, and the command line, but if you are a programmer -- especially if you are a ruby programmer -- you may find the simplicity compelling. I am a little concerned in the long run about depending on a company with no visible business model for the comment functionality, but I guess I'm willing to take the risk. Maintaining a viable comment feature in the face of torrents of comment spam is too much work, so I'm happy to outsource the problem.