Happy New Year!

01 Jan 2009, comments

I'm starting off the New Year right -- not simply with a long overdue blog posting, but also a whole new blogging infrastructure. For a while I've been using Typo, but I've come to realize it is way too bloated for my simple needs. So now I am using jeykll, which generates the static site you see here from a simple git repository. Take a look if you want to see how it works. So I far I think it's a big improvement -- for you, because the site is so much faster, and for me, because it is much simpler and easier to maintain.

If you are following the feed for my blog, I recommend you update your subscription. So as not to lose readers who've been using Typo's RSS feed, I added some rudimentary RSS support to what I found in jekyll, but the atom feed is more robust.

I am painfully aware that I've spent several hours playing with the code for this blog today, and only a few minutes writing. This may say something about which activity I enjoy more, but hopefully I will sustain a more regular posting schedule in 2009.